Free Writing vs. Translating


Most of my posts in my journal on Lang-8 and on my blog was written using free writing. I wrote the text having a general idea about what I want to write, but I start the sentence not knowing what will be on the end of it. I think that this kind of writing is similar to talking in English. I believe that writing this way will improve my speaking skills. I have no opportunity to speak English, because I study English by myself. Of course, after finishing my free writing, I check for errors. Sometimes I change my sentences totally seeing that they are wrong.

A few days ago I tried other kinds of writing techniques – translating texts from Polish. I saw that it was a completely different style of writing. I was forced to use more complex sentence structures and more new words. Of course it depends on the text which is being translated. When I use free writing, I automatically make simpler sentences. So, translating develops my practical grammatical skills.

I think I must to write both free writing and translating texts in the future, but these translations I will embed rather on my Lang-8 account than on my blog, except the situation I find interesting Polish text about learning languages.

  1. Colleen said:

    Focus on free writing first. Translation is a whole other type of language learning, and it will prevent you from “thinking” directly in English (the only way you can truly be “fluent”).

    • Lotokot said:

      Yes, I use free writing much often, especially because I create post for this blog. Translation is much more grammar oriented work. You have native language sentence and you must to find proper rules to translate it. While free writing I don’t think too much about grammar (of course, without exaggeration).

    • Lotokot said:

      Thank you very much for so many advices and I am very glad that my blog interest you.

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