Lang-8: Part 2


Haven’t you read the first part of the post about Lang-8?
Follow the link.

There are over 400,000 registered users who learn English on Lang-8, and there are only about 400 users who learn Polish. So English posts appear on Lang-8 every minute while Polish posts appear approximately… once a day. However, there are only 80,000 English native speakers and around 8,000 Polish native speakers, therefore English native speakers have more work to do while Polish native speakers have fewer opportunities to help others. You must “hunt” for a post to get to it before another Polish native corrects it.

But on the whole the system is working properly. Every post I have written on Lang-8 has been corrected. To achieve this I have actively searched for English speaking friends and as a result have received some great help. I correspond with some of them, sharing knowledge about learning languages and our cultures.

The second most popular language on Lang-8 is Japanese. There are 170,000 Japanese native speakers and an almost equal number of Japanese learners. The reason for this is that Lang-8 originated in Japan. The third largest language represented on Lang-8 is Chinese. There are 25,000 Chinese people using traditional Chinese as their native language and 45,000 users speaking Mandarin.

Lang-8 also has a system for ranking its users. In first place of the ranking “Most Correction Points” is a user from Japan who has collected over 15,000 correction points, and there are many other users who have gained several thousand points. One point is the correction of one whole text, so these people have done a tremendous job.

At the moment that I am writing this text I have published 56 posts on Lang-8 in English and I have corrected 77 posts of Polish learners This post will be my 57th, because I must first translate it from my poor English into a slightly better English.


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