Verbling – Learn a Language


Verbling is my latest discovery on my journey to learning English. This is a website where I want to improve my English speaking skills. I want to find some English learners at a level of skill similar to mine and chat with them. The best would be to find some native speakers, but I think it could be difficult.

The most important part of Verbling for me are groups. Groups are free of charge. When you login to Verbling and choose the Groups section, you can find there groups of people chatting on-line using voice or video connections. You can select a group by a language and level of difficulty of the group. For the time being, I have found groups for learners of English, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, French and Arabic. There are free different levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate and advanced. You can create your own group choosing language, level, maximum number of participants and topic of the group. Many people in groups exchange their Skype addresses to chat in their target language in the future on Skype. People in groups introduce themselves and talk about their jobs, hobbies and so on. It is very impressive to talk with people from all over the world using various accents. Sometimes there is a lot of noise in groups where are too many participants. Many people speak at the same time. So I prefer smaller groups. These groups are organized using Google+ hangouts, a special tool for chatting. You can join groups using Google+, not only via Verbling. I have to install Google Chrome browsers, because my Firefox didn’t support these options.

You can practice your language by joining classes which are provided on-line by native speakers on Verbling. Participation in these classes unfortunately costs money. You must have ticket to join the class. You can get a ticket by inviting your friends to Verbling or paying 2-3 dollars for one lesson. You can watch on-line classes free of charge.
You can find profiles of other learners on Verbling, for example people who learn your native language, so you can make conversation exchanges. There were some learners of Polish, but I think that it won’t be easy to make an exchange. Certainly there are much more Polish learners of English. There is also section called Courses on Verbling. These courses also cost money.

I hope that Verbling will meet my expectations and I will improve my speaking skills using it.

Here is the link to Verbling – Learn a Language.


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