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I wrote in my last post about Verbling, the website where you can find on-line classes, courses and groups to learn different languages. While on one discussion in the group of English students on Verbling I learned that there is a rival of Verbling, a similar website called Colingo. And I learned that there is one big difference between Verbling and Colingo. English classes conducted on-line are still free on Colingo. So, I decided to try these classes and yesterday I took part in two different ones.

The first class was conducted by an Australian teacher and the topic of this class was sport. There were nine students “in the classroom” from different countries like India, Brazil, Vietnam and Bangladesh. During this class we solved the quiz taken from the Internet. There were many questions in the quiz, which were intended to choose which sport is the most appropriate to the participant. The Australian teacher explained more complex sentences and helped students to understand everything in the quiz. I chose the most appropriate kind of sports for me such as precision sports like baseball and cricket. Solving the quiz took the whole time for the lesson, which was one hour, so there was no time to discuss the results of the quiz, but on the whole, the class was quite interesting.

The second class I took was about movies. The teacher was a black woman from the US. We watched the trailer of the science-fiction movie named Riddick during the lesson. After watching it there was a discussion. Some students wanted to watch the movie, but others disagreed with them considering it as rather primitive. I had the opportunity to take part in the discussion. I was one of the people wanting to see the movie for its special effects, but I feared that plot of the film may be predictable as in many American action films. On the whole, the class was very instructive and even better than the first class I took.

There is one piece of sad news which both teachers said at the end of the classes. Namely, classes on Colingo will be free of charge only till 15-th July. So there are only a few free days, and later you must to pay to join the class. I would like to join the class, because I like these kinds of classes, but I’m not sure if I will decide to pay.

Here is the link to Colingo – Learn Real English.

  1. Learning English is nowadays essential for job hunting. Thank you for sharing this great resource.

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