English Podcasts

English podcasts

One of my methods of learning English is listening to podcasts. I take MP3 files from different websites, like British Council, Elllo and VOA Special English.

The British Council website has several different sections with different types of podcasts.
“Elementary Podcasts” is a section for beginning learners, the section named “Big City Small World” is a soap about a group of young people from different countries who live in London.
There are other sections like “Word on the Street”, “Britain is Great” and “Overcooked”.
The British Council podcasts I use are taken from the “Magazine” section of the website and there are short articles about different topics. Examples of topics I listened to are mobile phones, overpopulation, bilingualism, physics, gun control, etc.

The abbreviation elllo stands for English Listening Lesson Library Online. Elllo podcasts are dialogues spoken by people from different countries, so they speak using the different accents associated with where they are from. They talk about their life, for example about hobbies, jobs, adventures, travels, and everyday events.

VOA Special English podcasts are mainly news from all over the world. There are also some podcasts that are about the U.S. and its customs and history. Podcasts are spoken by the speakers very slowly, and they use limited vocabulary to allow a clear understanding for the intermediate learners.

I listen to the podcasts when I am outside my home alone, for example on the bus or tram. I repeat listening to the same podcast many times. Thinking about new subjects of posts for my journal on Lang-8, I got the idea to create posts based on the podcasts. I’m going to write synopses of the podcasts I am familiar with.

Now I must go… and I will take my MP3 player.

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